Monday, November 21, 2011

the perfect husband and his superiority complex

I once heard someone preach about superiority complex and I thought then that there was really no such a thing as that, until recently I met this guy that is an embodiment of superiority. The guy is in his early thirties and has bluntly refused to believe that I am in my own early twenties too. Whenever I am having a discussion with this guy, he would always jokingly say things like 'you are crazy, or stupid girl' and I always go 'same to you'. Then he would get very angry and call me insolent and ofcourse I tell him that I have never actually insulted him, I just say 'same to you'. He has never said goodmorning to me either, because he believes that since I am the younger one, I should always be the first to say good morning. He says this is how every African girl must act. I said 'That is how your forefathers deceived their women, back then even the old women greeted the young men first'. Then he runs to the bible and says 'A man that finds a good wife has found a crown to his head' and I lose my temper and say 'How did people like you get on my friend list'.

He once told me that any girl that gets him for a husband is very lucky, but I say the girl is in big trouble. Guys like him believe they are the best thing that could happen to womanhood, he is never gonna wake up any morning and be the first to say goodmorning to his poor wife, he is gonna verbally abuse her, and any retorts from her would earn her a beating, if she let's him, he is going to demand that she kneels down while serving him, as the African tradition demands, when she starts ageing, he is gonna marry a second wife. He is gonna use logic from both the bible and from African tradition to keep her in bondage when it suits him, but he's never gonna let her remind him about what the bible says about his own behaviour because before she does, he would tell her of how a woman should be silent. This my friend represents 70% of Nigerian men, which means all Nigerian women are in trouble. However, these men are only going to do this to women who let them, women who are so desperate to get married or stay married that they have lost all their voice. I already feel very sorry for these women

I have realised that I am ok with blogging just once or twice a month. Thanks for all your comments in my previous post