Friday, October 28, 2011

Heal me Lord, from this disease

Have you ever gotten everything you ever wanted, then just felt depressed by it all?

Or wished your birthday could come only once a year instead of twice? (well really it was once, but it comes so fast jeez)

Have you ever felt that everyone talks too much and that everyone talks just for the sake of talking.

Take for instance. Dame Patience Jonathan celebrating her birthday in Australia, ofcourse before they went there, they were aware Nigerians would scream about how bad the state of Nigeria is and how government officials travel abroad to celebrate anniversaries and waste our money...

But apparently, the government officials don't really care what Nigerians say. They are obviously used to it. So they still went to Australia, and people still talked and everything went back to normal. Big deal

Have you felt happy about the fact that the government don't really care about what you say, especially over the internet. That means you can indeed say anything and get away with it. (Take for instance, the Absu rape, it happened, you talked, then...)

Have you ever felt pushed to say something not nice about someone who really hasn't done you any wrong.

Cuz when i saw Patience's birthday pictures in the news, i said some things that werent so nice.

And when i heard of Gaddafi's death and the expected protest about the part the west played in it,i thought again that Nigerians just love to talk too much about everything and its not like anybody ever listens to them so why dont they just slow down sometimes cuz they are giving me a head ache

'Did Goodluck have to take the bush woman abroad, i think she could have been equally pleased, if he took her down to Bayelsa and they ate some fresh fish together, she just strikes me as that kinda woman'

That's the 'not nice' thing i said when i saw the pictures. And that's not nice, and i shouldnt be thinking that because i used to like the woman, i used to defend her when friends made fun of her spoken English.

But maybe it's just fun dissing people in power, over the internet, and knowing that they are too busy to care about what you think. Insulting rich people and knowing that you aint gonna get into any trouble, that's fun.

I also think that this is a Nigerian disease, and I'm infected with it. i need healing.

I am such a lazy blogger but i'd get better, i promise


Afronuts said...


Sharap jo! You're not a lazy blogger. What you just wrote is the truth in a funny thot-provoking way.

You now reminded me...Do you know that Dame Patience either consciously or unconciously always tries to steal the show from her husband...

okay...did I just say something bad?...eeek!

Myne Whitman said...

This post is so funny, but true o. Sometimes the thoughts pinch me, but I push them away. Na so life be.

HoneyDame said...

LMAAOOO....Did ythe caption under your "LEave your Comment" just read Ejaculate? I haff die!
As per your post, it is true but most of those accusations too are true, even at the expense of being not nice!

Sugarcoated said...

Lol Afronuts, one would then wonder how much worse she would have been,if she spoke better English. Indeed,disabilities exist 4 a reason.

Sugarcoated said...

@Myne: thatz true Myne. A belated happy birthday to you again

@Honeydame:yeah hun,can you believe that several years back,to ejaculate kinda meant 'to speak'

Dee! said...

This post was so apt and funny!

Disease? That means the hospitals would be filled with lots of patients. No! I would not call it a disease, we are simply expressing our freedom of speech. lol!

Sugarcoated said...

@Dee: yeah and its a nice thing that we'can actually excercise our fos these days as opposed to the days of military dictatorship

gretel said...

hmm...sooo true but me I don't mind oh,when I have cash I'd do more sef and you Olachi I know what you can do so gan heal your disease jor...lazy blogger,lazy girl,lazy housewife..lazy everything *catch me if you can*

Sugarcoated said...

@Gretel: catch if i can? Ok,i like that one

Shar said...


Enkay said...

Even though your post is rather though provoking, you managed to make me smile.

Yeah, even me too, I think I talk too much about the issues in our dear Naija and I don't think anyone's listening either....I wonder too if there's any cure?

BSNC said...

hahah funny post. it is not a disease, i think lol. kai you called her a bush woman sha. That is not nice at all lol, but like you said who cares. Say what you need to say abeg.

kitkat said...

Gosh, i love the way you talk that talk. :)
So dame went to australia for her birthday? Choi! What rubbish!!
U shld blog more often :(