Monday, November 21, 2011

the perfect husband and his superiority complex

I once heard someone preach about superiority complex and I thought then that there was really no such a thing as that, until recently I met this guy that is an embodiment of superiority. The guy is in his early thirties and has bluntly refused to believe that I am in my own early twenties too. Whenever I am having a discussion with this guy, he would always jokingly say things like 'you are crazy, or stupid girl' and I always go 'same to you'. Then he would get very angry and call me insolent and ofcourse I tell him that I have never actually insulted him, I just say 'same to you'. He has never said goodmorning to me either, because he believes that since I am the younger one, I should always be the first to say good morning. He says this is how every African girl must act. I said 'That is how your forefathers deceived their women, back then even the old women greeted the young men first'. Then he runs to the bible and says 'A man that finds a good wife has found a crown to his head' and I lose my temper and say 'How did people like you get on my friend list'.

He once told me that any girl that gets him for a husband is very lucky, but I say the girl is in big trouble. Guys like him believe they are the best thing that could happen to womanhood, he is never gonna wake up any morning and be the first to say goodmorning to his poor wife, he is gonna verbally abuse her, and any retorts from her would earn her a beating, if she let's him, he is going to demand that she kneels down while serving him, as the African tradition demands, when she starts ageing, he is gonna marry a second wife. He is gonna use logic from both the bible and from African tradition to keep her in bondage when it suits him, but he's never gonna let her remind him about what the bible says about his own behaviour because before she does, he would tell her of how a woman should be silent. This my friend represents 70% of Nigerian men, which means all Nigerian women are in trouble. However, these men are only going to do this to women who let them, women who are so desperate to get married or stay married that they have lost all their voice. I already feel very sorry for these women

I have realised that I am ok with blogging just once or twice a month. Thanks for all your comments in my previous post

Friday, October 28, 2011

Heal me Lord, from this disease

Have you ever gotten everything you ever wanted, then just felt depressed by it all?

Or wished your birthday could come only once a year instead of twice? (well really it was once, but it comes so fast jeez)

Have you ever felt that everyone talks too much and that everyone talks just for the sake of talking.

Take for instance. Dame Patience Jonathan celebrating her birthday in Australia, ofcourse before they went there, they were aware Nigerians would scream about how bad the state of Nigeria is and how government officials travel abroad to celebrate anniversaries and waste our money...

But apparently, the government officials don't really care what Nigerians say. They are obviously used to it. So they still went to Australia, and people still talked and everything went back to normal. Big deal

Have you felt happy about the fact that the government don't really care about what you say, especially over the internet. That means you can indeed say anything and get away with it. (Take for instance, the Absu rape, it happened, you talked, then...)

Have you ever felt pushed to say something not nice about someone who really hasn't done you any wrong.

Cuz when i saw Patience's birthday pictures in the news, i said some things that werent so nice.

And when i heard of Gaddafi's death and the expected protest about the part the west played in it,i thought again that Nigerians just love to talk too much about everything and its not like anybody ever listens to them so why dont they just slow down sometimes cuz they are giving me a head ache

'Did Goodluck have to take the bush woman abroad, i think she could have been equally pleased, if he took her down to Bayelsa and they ate some fresh fish together, she just strikes me as that kinda woman'

That's the 'not nice' thing i said when i saw the pictures. And that's not nice, and i shouldnt be thinking that because i used to like the woman, i used to defend her when friends made fun of her spoken English.

But maybe it's just fun dissing people in power, over the internet, and knowing that they are too busy to care about what you think. Insulting rich people and knowing that you aint gonna get into any trouble, that's fun.

I also think that this is a Nigerian disease, and I'm infected with it. i need healing.

I am such a lazy blogger but i'd get better, i promise

Saturday, October 1, 2011

This could make for a real post

Blogger has been really tough on me this week, I think she connived with my internet connection to make my life miserable.

I can read all the blogs i want, but they wouldnt let me leave a comment, so i've been reading and reading and unable to comment and that is not a nice feeling at all.

So Priscy mentioned me for the versatile blogger award, i'd be sure to do that in my next post, cuz right now, im using a friend's laptop

I dont know who sent me to fix my lashes. tears won't stop streaming down my That's exactly what happened to ugly Betty when she fixed her lashes. I dont know why the comparison.

Ok, so i'd post again, when blogger, internet connection, and my eye lashes decide to free me

Sunday, September 18, 2011


You know that pretending to be typing on your phone while conversing with someone is a terrible habit, yet you can't help doing it while conversing with some particularly boring people. After all you have just recently read somewhere that this act is called communi-faking and everyone does it

So while your companion is blabbing away, you are busy pretending to ping,hoping he would notice your distraction and atleast pause. unfortunately, your companion is one of those people who do not care if you are listening, provided you let them talk

thankfully, you finally get a real ping from bestfriend asking

'What are you up to'?

you text back 'I am on a psycho date'

psycho dating is a term you guys made up to mean going on dates with people that make you uncomfortable. He could be talking too much, like your companion was doing, he could expect you to come home with him after the first date, he could try giving you a kiss after the date when you don't even like him, he could be a blind date who turned out too short or too fat or even really blind...

'what is he doing' your friend texts back

'He is talking so much i feel like just walking into a moving vehicle'

'whats stopping you?' your friend teases

'stopping me from what'

'walking into a moving vehicle'

'well my fear is, some drivers are really good, they might jump out of the car and beat me to death, if i try walking infront of their cars'

'I trust you, you can walk better than most drivers drive, besides even if you get beaten to death, its all death as long as you die

'Lmao, you no be better person' you reply, finally sheathing your phone into your pocket.

you resign to listening to your psych date. he has brought you to the school library, a convenient place where he doesn't have to spend any money.

'Welcome to the University of Nigeria Library' he says with the air of a tourist guide, not minding that you have already spent four years in the said school, and a great part of the years in the library.

'It is the biggest library in East Africa' he says. The last statement rings a bell in your ears, and you wonder if it had been a slip of the tongue or if he really did not know that Nigeria was in West Africa.

you guys are at the library gate now, and being asked to drop your bags, there is a black van beside the gate with a clear inscription on it ANTI-BOMB SQUAD.

your date points at the van and says 'that is the anti-bomb squad, you know boko-haram, a terrorist group against western education in Nigeria has threatened to bomb 18 Nigerian universities...'

you feel like screaming. the guy is just on your nerves, who doesn't know Boko-haram, who doesnt know that they threatened to bomb Universities, who doesn't know that they just bombed the UN building in Abuja, but you could see how he could think that you don't know these things, afterall he thinks Nigeria is in East-Africa. You can't take anymore of the conversation, now you could really walk into a moving car. so you say

'it's West-Africa'
he says 'What'
and you say 'This is the biggest library in West-Africa, Nigeria is in West-Africa'

he opens his mouth, you feel pretty sure he is about to tell you that that conversation took place over ten minutes ago, he wants to ask why you just thought of it now, but you can never confirm what he wanted to say, because he is interrupted by a loud bang behind the library

for a moment everyone stood still, then the anti-bomb squad van started to move toward the source of the sound, you dont know if its your imagination but people are actually leaving the library building hurriedly. People could not seriously think that that bang was a bomb, it was barely as loud as a gunshot.

but anyone who wanted to detonate a real bomb could get past the gate now, seeing as the anti-bomb squad had moved away from the gate to investigate the source of the bang. so when your psycho-date says
'Let us go, this place is not safe...' and keeps blabbing

you follow him like a lamb to the slaughter, wondering where he was taking you now, maybe, the school bookshop. you just follow him, cuz you think it would be much better to walk into a moving vehicle than be killed by a bomb blast

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well, well

After a two year leave

cant believe i wanna start blogging again

just got through with school

wow, i just cant stop saying that

just got through with school

just got through with school

i am a graduate now

and a blogger once again