Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Unorganized thoughts!!!

Chivalry is dead.
this is an underdeveloped country
it is a wicked world
we no longer have culture and traditions
Eze has gone to school

Chivalry is dead!
who killed him or her... no..him
who killed Chivalry??????????
did you kill him

This is an under developed country.
yet they are convinced that development is measured by the mind-set of people in the country
are we under-developed people????????????
are you under-developed

It is a wicked world
yet they sing 'we are the world'
are we the world????????????????
are you a wicked person.

we no longer have culture and traditions
we are so intent in imitating the western world
you imitate the western world?????????????
do you have traditions or Christianity? choose!

Eze has gone to school
He went since i was in primary five
he never came back
is Eze dead


juiceegal said...

Lol..Eze truly never came back from school since i was in pry 5..LMAO!!
I liked this..really creative and true.

Myne Whitman said...

Scattered thoughts really. But the different lines made sense.

"Do you have traditions or christianity? choose!"

Nice one.

neefemi said...

i second Myne's comment..

Rose said...
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For the love of me said...

Lol @ Eze. Maybe he'll resurrect when Nigeria does.

HYAW said...

@ Juiceegal.

i just sometimes wonder what later happened to him. thanks

Myne whitman
yeah cuz they seem to be opposites these days, don't they?

first time here. welcome

waylaid? now, that's quite a thought. i just thought he was dead anyway. my birthday is 24th. happy bday in advance dear

@ for the love of me
does that mean Eze, might never ressurect?

Anonymous said...

ummm...we no longer have culture and traditions?most of the cultures that we nolonger have were vile cultures so i think i'd like to say good riddance to bad rubbish to most of those per the good parts that is fading away...i blame it on the parents who think its 'cool' not to teach their kids the good cultures or even the language of their people.
as per eze goes to school...he graduated a long time ago.he built a good house and now lives away from home.why would he come back to illiteracy and poverty?

FASCHE said...

Huge thumbs up, HYAW!

muyiwa said...

lol,i agree with you it is an underdeveloped country,can u believe i travelled to one country like that in Asia and met one of our Nigerian ambassadors to that country at a night club doing stuffs with club girls,hahaha ,i wan go slap am but i realised he might use his power to harm me,But very sad

Rita said...

LOL@Eze has gone to school...No he has not come back, he got sidetracked...We are still waiting, and hoping for our country

HYAW said...

@ Leggy
there are some beautiful ones like masquerades which have been so confused with demonic practices, that we have learnt to dismiss the two as one. what if we just do the masquerades, and leave the sacrifes, instead of stopping both. as for Eze, i so love your optimism.

lol, thanks

imagine that!

yeah really, hoping and praying for our country. thanks for coming by

Writefreak said...

lol at Eze has gone to school, is he coming back or not?
Unorganised thoughts indeed!
How're you?

Nice Anon said...

Eze met Simbi at school. That is what is keeping the bobo dia. Don't ask about Ali either because Simbi dumped him for Eze

HYAW said...

i am good dear, thanks

Nice Anon.
you eh, ever funny. yes you've reminded me. Ali and Simbi, with their cutina shoes. i am sure Eze tripped for simbi cuz of her cutina shoe. lol

iphyigbogurl said...

lol@ nice.....

i like this HYAW......i wish i was as creative as write stuff like this....

thumbs up....

TRYBES said...

Profound thoughts..

I like..

TRYBES said...
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HYAW said...


thank you. you have a blog, means you are creative lol...


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