Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My love is enough for both of us.

You must have met him!

on that fateful day, when you were too depressed to wear make-up and too tired to put on a smile.

and despite the fact that you were aware how ordinary you must look, he walks up to you from nowhere, looks into your eyes, and says 'you are such a beautiful girl'. In an innocent way that doesn't let you suspect he is hitting on you.

you smile, say thank God and keep walking.

then later in the evening, when you were happier, and made-up, you strolled down to buy drinks with your girlfriend's and who do you met but him and his boyfriends.

he smiles when he sees you, asks you to come over, and says to his friends 'this is the girl i told you guys about' and you wonder, what could he have told them about you, he doesn't even know your name.

and his friends are like 'oh, the pretty girl from this morning, you weren't exaggerating'.

you take a better look at him. he is definitely handsome,he is tall, he is reserved, even shy...

and then you tell him your name, and meet his friends, and he meets your friends. he gets your number, and from then he really starts to hang around you.

you discover you like him as a person but he would do too bad as a boyfriend. First he is a good boy and you like bad boys, and secondly,he just seems to be willing to lay down his life to please you, yet you seem to value the things that play hard to get.

so from the start you know, this isn't just gonna work. but then he is too nice to ask you out too soon, so for a six whole months, he just keeps hanging around, buying you stuffs, pleasing you.

then one day, he sees you hanging out with this Micheal-the-bad guy and he realizes he has no right to stop you. he says hello to both of you and goes away.

then later that evening he comes to your room and starts to mumble some incoherent things. you know he is asking you out, but you can't just make any sense from the words he is saying.

you pretend like you don't understand, because he is too nice for you to reject him, yet you don't exactly want him.

'I don't understand what you are saying' you lie

it was painful enough for him to say the first time, so he gets angry and asks
'how can't you understand'. then stalks home.

you are relieved it is finally over, but the next morning, he is at your door with gifts, apologising for how things ended the night before. you love the gesture and wish that Micheal-the-bad-boy could learn how to pull romantic stunts like this.

you know you can't keep leading good boy on, so you reject his gifts, and tell him in plain english

'I can't date you'

'why, but i love you' he says

'I don't love you' you say, and it breaks your heart to say it, cuz those aint words you like to say to anyone, most especially to a really nice person.

but he surprises you with his reply

'it doesn't matter, my love would be enough for both of us, and one day, you would finally learn to love me'

'I can't learn it' you say 'you aint ...'you can't risk saying 'you aint just my type so you say...

'it's better to stop all these now, all the gifts and stuff, cuz we'd never be anything'

and he says
'how can you say that after everything we've been through'

everything you've been through? you wonder if there was some part you missed. what have you been through? he sees the question on your face and replies

'Have you forgotten the beginning? i remember the very first day i met you. you wore a black skirt, a yellow top, and a flat sandal. you wore no make-up, yet you looked so beautiful, and i saw you from the shop where i had gone to buy a wristwatch and i left the shop i walked up to you and said "'you look so beautiful". can you remember your reply...'?

you can't remember so he says

'you said "Thank God, then you smiled and walked away, can you remember where you were going...'

you can't remember so he says
'i followed you, you were going to...'

you are really flattered by this devotion, yet you can't stop wishing it was Micheal the bad boy who would pay attention to all these details instead.

you finally find a way of getting good boy to go home broken hearted, and once he is home, all his friends start to call you.

'how could you do this?' And all of a sudden you realise that everyone except you, had assumed you were dating goodboy. and you try to put the pieces together, hanging out with his friends, accepting his gifts, maybe that was their idea of dating. it didn't matter that he never officially asked you out, that you two didn't do or discuss anything personal together.

later that day he comes back to your room again. you don't let him in. you stand at the door to discuss
'are you still breaking up with me' he asks

you get angry

'why are you using the term breaking up, i never even dated you, how can you lie to everyone else and lie to yourself too'

and he says
'is there anything i do wrong, anything at all, tell me and i would change'

and in your mind you are like, 'you are too nice, that's your problem.

as if he reads your thought, he curses you, strings of hot angry curses

'i know girls like you, you run away from people that truly love you, and then you end up in the hands of players who would mistreat you and break your heart...'

you are surprised and glad at the same time, atleast now you know he is capable of cursing. and now you have a reason to slam the door to his face.

but long after he is gone, you lay on your bed and ponder on his last words. he had been perfect, he had everything you wanted in a guy, maybe too much of everything, he was certainly good, but yet somehow your heart lay with Micheal. Micheal the bad boy,Micheal the one who would one day break your heart, but then you don't mind

your love would be enough for you and Micheal.


Fabulo-la said...

Lool. No comment...
But then again...when she opens her eyes it will be too late.

Myne Whitman said...

The twists and torments we sometimes bind ourselves into. I like both characters but maybe cos I'm a girl, I identify with the girl. Goodboy is just that a nice guy, he doesn't move me. He almost sounds like a potential stalker self, if care is not taken. However, my heart breaks for the girl becos she's walking into fire with eyes open.

Nice writing. So you're a NL reader eh? LOL. Nice to meet you here.

akaBagucci said...

hmm... good boy, wrong girl (or wrong timing... )

HYAW said...

@ fabulo-la.
lol! meaning you actually want the girl to go with the good guy

@ Myne whitman
yeah, in movies, he would play the part of the guy who later gets so angry that he swears to kill you and all your friends

@ a.k.a Bagucci
you came to my blog again after the long break, wow! so you are saying the guy should look for someone who'd reciprocate his love abi

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Ebony~!* said...

This kind of reminds me of myself only that the story changed in the middle. lol mehn some girls make me wonder, my friend went throught the same thing and she said 'he is too good for me' am like.....wth? do you know your value? how can a guy be too good for you? now she is with the bad boy that gives her HBP eryday! hissss girls...

neefemi said...

sometimes i don't think the problem is whether or not the guy is a nice guy - its how you feel about him, if from the very first minute you don't feel anything and for bad boy you do - he appeals to you on a deeper level - then you go to bad guy....but yea thats my opinion i have actually dated a "nice" and a "bad" guy - at some point u find that the perfect guy is in the middle somewhere

Nice Anon said...

let me know when the girl starts crying

Trybes said...

Sad but im like that guy you just painted right there!

Rose said...

Hmmmn, Hopefully, her love would be enough for both of them.

neto said...

the 'goodboy' really isnt worth it, if he was man enough then he'd try to win her instead of bumbling about! and he shouldnt hv cussed(just shows he's a child). if the girl doesnt like the guy then she shld free him jo,she shouldnt try and fool herself into liking him just cos u think he's the right person...

histreasure said...

Is she to Michael, the bad boy what the good boy was to her?
cos i know that one person's love cannot tide them both over

HYAW said...

not really sure i got it, especially the part of clicking on the icon to the right of the icon... but thanks for of these days, i'd surely learn it.

yes dear. girls sure do have problems very difficult to understand

perfect guy sounds cool...

@Nice Anon
hmmm nice anon

awww! good guy. well, i hope no girl does that to you.


you seem to have the same opinion with Myne whitman. very thoughtful and well, maybe true


Are you talking about yourself. Oya begin they confess..How are you doing.

HYAW said...

@ Histreasure

yeah, by this, i am sure you mean both parties have to be in love to make it work. yeah according to the story, she is to Micheal, what the goodboy is to her. thanks for the comment

HYAW said...


awwww! Don't be like that, i thought you were my personal person. i am talking about the legendary friend to the friend of a friend from a friend, you get! lol...

Afrobabe said...

sounds like a script from my life....

story always ends with bad boy beats her up or dumps her then she goes crying to good boy who unfortunately has found a good girl!!!

My case ended differently though, good boy dumps good girl and rushes back to bad girl *wink...

Afrobabe said...

BTW, those side pics are hawwwwwwwtttt

HYAW said...

Thanks, i saw from your blog, you are a cool pix person.

so good boy later turns bad huh? who can please the world.

Afrobabe said...

Naa...good boy didn't turn bad, he was excited but frustrated, wanted bad girl to remain the same but be a good girl at the same time, loads of sex but church too....

Bad girl on the other hand still does not understand why he permits sex but not alchohol, when she acts like she loves him he starts misbehaving, when she turns rude and doesn't send him he becomes docile and in love again..

Bad girl misses the bad boys of the world and occasionally meets up with one for a few hours escape…do some naughty things then go back to the ever dependable good boy…who I must say is quite boring though dependable…

Sob,sob…I want a bad boy!!!

HYAW said...


hey, i just saw this, it sounds very familiar

Nice Anon said...

Has the babe cried yet? Don't forget to do a part 2

Anonymous said...

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Rita said...

The annoying irony of dear, I have been there before...God help our hearts...

Femme Lounge said...

awww! he sounds so genuine! but then it takes two! i doubt one person's love can be enough for two.

Anoda Phase said...

awwww...good boy's last statement is just heart wrenching...he had been dating her in his mind all this while and the babe just let him down...I hope she knows what she's doing though. Nice write up.

Maxine said...

I've never seen so much comment-spam! LOL. I reckon I might have been in this position, oh, about fifty billion times :)

dhjax said...

Still MIA?

roof painting said...

Nice story but i hope there will be a continuation of this. It's just so ironic that you couldn't love the person who loves you and you couldn't be loved the same way by the person you love. Life is really full of irony. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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doll said...


very true...somehow the bad guys are the desired ones

Marie Greenhalgh said...

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